BJHS Themes | Cambridge Core

BJHS Themes is a collaborative venture between the British Society for the History of Science and Cambridge University Press aimed at establishing the first fully open access journal for the history of science community. It aims to publish open access, scholarly and engaging collections of history of science papers, which address provocative themes, and which will be free for readers and offer no financial barrier to publication for authors. Like its sister publication, British Journal for the History of Science, BJHS Themes is a journal of the British Society for the History of Science, a major learned society for its subject….”

Senior research information policy officer

“The scope of the role is on research information, that is, the information that describes research as an activity, process and set of outputs and outcomes, as distinct from information comprising the substantive content of research. The purpose of the role is to secure sector and national support for Jisc’s role in research information, as the organisational landscape of UK research evolves with UKRI. To achieve this, the policy officer will present Jisc’s activities, plans and vision to UKRI and Jisc members (eg via UUK) at a senior level, and in the context of strategic and policy agendas that are priorities for them. The immediate outcome of this work will be a recognised role (eg on groups, committees, and in programmes, plans and strategies) for Jisc in the national and international research information and data landscape. The longer term outcome of this work will be greater, clearer and more informed demand for Jisc services and activities in the area of research information and relevant related areas such as open research, research indicators and national research administrative data infrastructure….”

Helping learned societies explore Plan S-compliant business models

“Wellcome, and UKRI recognise the value learned societies play in supporting researchers and contributing to a vibrant research ecosystem, but are working to implement their OA policies in line with Plan S. As such, we wish to engage the services of a consultant to explore a range of potential strategies and business models through which learned societies could adapt and thrive under Plan S. Although we envisage this work will have broad applicability for all learned societies, the focus of this work should be those which predominantly serve UK researchers and in disciplines relevant to UKRI and Wellcome’s funding areas….”

Challenges in the Scholarly Publishing Cycle 2018 – ConTech

“Building on the success of the inaugural event in 2017, this one day conference provides a unique environment for the three stakeholder groups within scholarly communication – publishers, librarians and academics – to discuss the issues they face in the creation, dissemination and use of scholarly research

The forum is organised by Research Information magazine, in partnership with Info International….”

Career Opportunities: Open Access Books Project Co-ordinator (25453)

“Working with a variety of Springer Nature teams the OA Books Project Coordinator will be responsible for providing support in specifying and implementing workflows for OA books and for reporting on progress to fulfil growth targets. You will act as a key point of liaison between the OA books team and the production and technology teams to support the growth of OA Book products, and will be responsible for implementing best practice for open access book products and the internal systems that lead to their creation…..”

Senior Open Access Assistant | Jobs | Imperial College London

“This post is a great opportunity to join the open access (OA) section of the Scholarly Communications Management team at Imperial College London Library. Working with the Open Access Manager and other OA colleagues you will have a wide variety of responsibilities including implementing, promoting and managing open access services. The team provides support in enabling College researchers and staff to make their work available on open access in both the College’s repository and by using the College’s open access funds….”

Open research hub | Jisc

“UK research funders and good open scholarship practice requires universities to make sure their digital research outputs are managed, preserved and accessible. 

In response to this we developed open research hub, a fully-managed and interoperable research data platform that specifically meets the needs of UK higher education institutions (HEIs)….

Built in partnership with the UK research sector, open research hub can:

  • Allow you to manage all digital research outputs in one place
  • Help you meet funder policy compliance
  • Support good research practice and the open scholarship (FAIR) agenda
  • Enable your institution to boost and track the impact of all its research
  • Offer secure data storage and management  
  • Save institutions time and money as a national, fully managed shared service
  • Handle the integration of different systems and services for you
  • Archive and preserve research data and other digital objects
  • Scale to your needs…”