“We don’t want to be caught napping:” Meet Hindawi’s new head of research integrity – Retraction Watch

“I’ve been in publishing since 2003 and although we have always seen some individual authors, reviewers and editors behaving badly, the scale and nature of the problem has changed. Some of this is down to technology and openness enabling detection of poor practices – such as better plagiarism detection and more content being online and thus easily searchable, particularly when it is not hiding behind a paywall – but we’re also seeing an industrialization of misconduct.”

Recent APC price changes for 4 publishers (BMC, Hindawi, PLOS, and PeerJ)

Following is a summary of recent APC changes for 4 publishers, prepared on request but posted in case this might be of interest to anyone else. In brief, each publisher appears to be following a different pricing strategy ranging from flat pricing over many years with one rare exception, to a tenfold increase from 2016 – 2017.

Hindawi partners with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation to develop open science tools | About Hindawi

London-based, open access publisher Hindawi Limited announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) to develop open source publishing tools.

Hindawi joins the Coko community’s work on the PubSweet framework, an open source platform for scholarly journals. Hindawi becomes the latest major partner in the PubSweet initiative, following earlier announcements from the University of California Press and eLife.

Hindawi’s Decision to Leave the STM Association | About Hindawi

“After ten years of membership in the International Association of STM Publishers, Hindawi has made the difficult decision to terminate its membership in the association. This decision has come as a result of STM’s overwhelming focus on protecting business models of the past, rather than facilitating new models that Hindawi believes are both inevitable and necessary in order for scholarly publishers to continue contributing towards the dissemination of scholarly research in the years to come.

Hindawi will continue engaging with the STM Association in the hopes that it can embrace the challenge of tackling the obstacles that stand in the way of a transition to Open Access. If and when that happens, Hindawi will happily seek to reestablish its membership in the association. Until then we no longer believe that we can continue our membership in good conscience.”

The Allin key | The Bookseller

Quoting Mark Allin, President of Wiley: “Wiley has good relationships with many of our institutional customers. The value of these partnerships becomes evident as more governments declare policies and goals in support of Open Access. We are midway through a three-year offset pilot with JISC [the Joint Information Systems Committee] in the UK, and earlier this year launched a pilot that “blends” access to subscription content with the right to publish hybrid Open Access with VSNU in the Netherlands. These are constructive examples of Wiley working with our customers to meet the emerging requirements of institutions, funders and governments, as well as authors. Our OA program has grown rapidly in the past six years: we now have 62 fully Gold Open Access journals and a healthy pipeline for 2017 onwards. We’re further expanding our Open Access footprint through a new partnership with Hindawi. Openness in many forms—access, data, science—is of increasing importance to all those who work in research, and that makes it important to Wiley. So growing our Open Access publishing programme will continue to be a major focus for our Research group….”