“Join the DOAB and De Gruyter on Monday, 4th March, to find out what it takes to publish a book in OA. The webinar will focus on the editorial process, funding and promotion strategies that turn a submitted manuscript into a well-cited open access book. This webinar is designed to help authors understand the OA conundrum and to equip them with the knowledge needed to effectively publish a book in open access.

  • OA Books – Why OA for Books? Citation, downloads and global reach
  • Book Funding: Where to find it?
  • Fast Track to Publishing: OA Publishing Times
  • Open Access Book: How to make sure the title is visible, discovered and cited?
  • Directory of Open Access Books: Why it matters for a book to be rapidly indexed?…”

Portico announces the trigger of 70 Open Access publications

“I’m pleased to share the news that 70 Open Access e-journals formerly hosted through De Gruyter are now available through the Portico archive. The content includes titles published by De Gruyter Poland as well as six publishers in Poland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. Download the full title list, which includes the metadata and URL for each journal.

The content for these titles is no longer available through any online platform; therefore, it has “triggered” and is available to the community via the Portico archive. These titles were originally published on an Open Access basis, and will remain Open Access through Portico.


To date, Portico has had 118 trigger events—96 of them Open Access….”

Open Science | Your guide to Open Access publishing and Open Science

“The blog is affiliated with De Gruyter Open Access, an Open Access imprint of De Gruyter.

This blog strives to serve as a comprehensive guide to Open Access publishing for scholars across a wide variety of academic fields. The blog provides information and advice on how to publish books and articles in the open access format. Additionally, it shares suggestions on how to increase publication visibility and citation counts. The blog also publishes articles that pertain to the wider cultural, social and economic context in which the open access model operates….”

De Gruyter bündelt Open Access-Aktivitäten

From Google’s English: “The independent Berlin publishing house De Gruyter re-organizes its open access business. The editorial part of the open access business will be more integrated into the existing editorial sector. In addition, a separate business unit will be set up to provide open access publishing services to universities, institutions and scientific societies.

The new company will be managed by Jacek Ciesielski as Vice President of Publishing Services. Ciesielski will focus his long-term expertise and energy on the development of publishing services for high-quality third-party publishing, for which De Gruyter does not provide a peer-review process.

Jacek Ciesielski is the founder of the Open Access publishing company Versita, which was acquired by De Gruyter in the year 2012 under the De Gruyter Open brand. Ciesielski has successfully advanced the open access business and has developed into an important and rapidly growing key area within De Gruyters….”