Open Knowledge Maps – A visual interface to the world’s scientific knowledge

“Our Goal is to revolutionize discovery of scientific knowledge. We are building a visual interface that dramatically increases the visibility of research findings for science and society alike. We are a non-profit organization and we believe that a better way to explore and discover scientific knowledge will benefit us all….Our knowledge maps include both closed and open access papers. However we highlight open access papers – and the majority of those papers can be read from within the interface. And if not, the fulltext is only a click away.”

Finding Open Access Scholarly Research | HR Hub

“Are you part of a non-profit organization, but don’t have access to University research and resources? This workshop will focus on ways non-University affiliated community researchers can still access excellent scholarly articles & research, so you don’t have to beg, steal, or borrow to get the evidence you need. Beyond the paywall is freedom! All Are Welcome! We’ll cover: What is Open Access, and can you trust it? Places to find high quality, legal, scholarly research – beyond Google Simple search strategies to get better results Resources for grant writing…”

DOE CODE – A Product of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information

“The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) is building a new DOE software submission and search tool. DOE CODE is the reimagining of OSTI’s current product for the submission of software, the Energy Science and Technology Software Center, or ESTSC. Since DOE CODE is still under development, if you need to submit, search, or order software, please visit the ESTSC site for instructions.”

Kopernio | One-click access to PDF articles

“Fast, one-click access to millions of research papers….One-click access to PDFs. No more VPNs, login forms, redirects, frantic Googling and chasing broken links….Jump over paywalls. Automatically search university library subscriptions, pre-print servers, institutional repositories and private blogs for free PDFs….Take your university library with you wherever you go; at home, at conferences, on the beach….Kopernio automagically files away the PDFs you read in your own private Kopernio locker. Come back and read them again later, anywhere, anytime….”

temoa : Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal

“TEMOA is a knowledge hub that eases a public and multilingual catalog of Open Educational Resources (OER) which aims to support the education community to find those resources and materials that meet their needs for teaching and learning through a specialized and collaborative search system and social tools.

It contains selected educational resources, described and evaluated by an academic community.

Resources categorized by area of knowledge, educational level and language, among others.

Provides a friendly search engine through intuitive filters.

Allows the creation of communities around educational resources….”

Industry Statistics from Official Sources – ReportLinker Data

“ReportLinker Data is a search engine for statistics that gives easy access to more than 30 million bits of actionable data….Our ontology-aware natural language processing (NLP) platform automatically analyses millions of bits of data every day. We use big data algorithms to discover, disambiguate, and normalize complex concepts to create structured knowledge of industries, companies, and technologies….ReportLinker Data’s ground breaking technology helps our customers find datasets and key industry indicators from the best open data sources in one single place. All datasets are selected, filtered, and updated daily by our analysts….”

Free Inactive Patent Search — 100% Free Inactive Patent Information

“To find patents that have merely expired you can simply set your search terms to look for patents that are 20 years old or older. However, finding a list of inactive patents is far more challenging. This website overcomes that challenge as it allows you to search through all inactive patents in the U.S. that are less than 20 years old. We created this database to help drive open source hardware (OSH) development. Our previous work has found that patents should be significantly weakened as they are actively retarding innovation and technical progress. By properly valuing open hardware development it is clear that the return on investment for OSH development is enormous. In addition, proactive measures to defend the public domain can also provide more safe space for innovators to operate. Our hope is that this database accelerates your open hardware development.

For more information please see the article published in Inventions (2016): Open Source Database and Website to Provide Free and Open Access to Inactive U.S. Patents in the Public Domain. doi: 10.3390/inventions1040024 …”