Blogging as an Open Scholarship Practice | W. Ian O’Byrne

“I’ve found that blogging helps me in my scholarship in a variety of ways. There are also challenges as I strive to embed these practices in my everyday work….

When I submitted my materials for third year review at UNH, the first page of my binder included the URL and a QR code to the address for my main blog. I indicated that my binder would contain my publications, teaching evaluations, and service documentation. But that I believed my best work lived on my website, and it was an example of how I viewed my role as a scholar. My dean at the time ripped out the page at my review meeting and threw it away. She indicated that none of that mattered, and would only serve to confuse reviewers and my colleagues.

I learned a lesson that day. My work blogging as an open scholar was set aside from my work at the institution. If I chose to continue this work, it would (for the most part) not be valued in most/all of my evaluations. I have continued this practice, and have been motivated by others as they continue to write, share, and document their thinking….”

Hiring Policy at the LMU Psychology Department: Better have some open science track record

“Our department embraces the values of open science and strives for replicable and reproducible research. For this goal we support transparent research with open data, open materials, and study pre-registration. Candidates are asked to describe in what way they already pursued and plan to pursue these goals.”

Social-media-enabled learning in emergency medicine: a case study of the growth, engagement and impact of a free open access medical education blog | Postgraduate Medical Journal

Abstract:  Background Clinicians are increasingly using social media for professional development and education. In 2012, we developed the St.Emlyn’s blog, an open access resource dedicated to providing free education in the field of emergency medicine.

Objective To describe the development and growth of this international emergency medicine blog.

Method We present a narrative description of the development of St.Emlyn’s blog. Data on scope, impact and engagement were extracted from WordPress, Twitter and Google Analytics.

Results The St.Emlyn’s blog demonstrates a sustained growth in size and user engagement. Since inception in 2012, the site has been viewed over 1.25?million times with a linear year-on-year growth. We have published over 500 blog posts, each of which attracts a mean of 2466 views (range 382–69?671). The site has been viewed in nearly every country in the world, although the majority (>75%) of visitors come from the USA, UK and Australia.

Summary This case study of an emergency medicine blog quantifies the reach and engagement of social-media-enabled learning in emergency medicine.

Open Science | Your guide to Open Access publishing and Open Science

“The blog is affiliated with De Gruyter Open Access, an Open Access imprint of De Gruyter.

This blog strives to serve as a comprehensive guide to Open Access publishing for scholars across a wide variety of academic fields. The blog provides information and advice on how to publish books and articles in the open access format. Additionally, it shares suggestions on how to increase publication visibility and citation counts. The blog also publishes articles that pertain to the wider cultural, social and economic context in which the open access model operates….”

Sad Ending; Jeffrey Beall’s Blog was shut down

“Today, it has come to our attention that Jeffrey Beall’s blog ( was shut down for an unknown reasons. It could be due to the legal action of the US government which adopted through a decision of a court or simply someone might have hacked it. Whatever it is, his attempt and movement, in general, have been questioned by leading scholars around the world and his personal views and opinion are not favored anymore. In lieu of this, people, universities and institutes  would prefer to rely on consolidated lists released by organizations such as DOAJ, SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters, pubmed and other leading indexing services….”

ACI Scholarly Blog Index Now Available in Ex Libris Primo Discovery & Delivery Service | ACI

“ACI Information Group announces that the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is now available in Ex Libris’ Primo Discovery and Delivery Service.Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is a global provider of cloud-based solutions for the academic market and serves customers in 90 countries. Having ACI’s scholarly blogs indexed in Primo means that library users searching in Primo can now discover and surface authoritative scholarly blog content available through the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. With the ExLibris integration, ACI Scholarly Blog Index is now available through all four major library discovery services.

ACI Scholarly Blog Index is an editorially selected and curated collection of scholarly blogs written by leading researchers and faculty in academic institutions worldwide and covers all academic disciplines. The collection includes more than 11,000 scholarly blogs and their corresponding two million blog posts….”

Social-media sites focusing on open access

“+Nicole Contaxis just updated the major social-media lists at the Open Access Directory:

Blogs about OA
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Thanks, Nicole!
If you have a social-media site focusing on OA, and the Open Access Directory doesn’t already list it, please add it. The Open Access Directory <> is a wiki and depends on the OA community to keep it current and comprehensive. To limit spam, editing is limited to registered users, but registration is free and easy.”