Frontiers and the National Library of Sweden sign Open Access Framework Agreement

In addition to a centralised invoicing process that covers the publishing fees (article processing charges), researchers at participating organisations benefit from a discount.  This is the first Nordic agreement of its kind and follows the Austrian Open Access framework publishing agreement between Frontiers, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the University of Vienna in late 2017.  The Agreement is open to all participating organisations of the Bibsam Consortium, which includes universities, university colleges and government-funded research institutions. Twenty organisations have already joined, including leading universities. All new participating organisations will benefit from the same terms and conditions, regardless of size or research output.

New Open Access publishing deal for Austrian researchers – Science & research news | Frontiers | Open-access publisher

“Under a landmark Open Access Publishing Framework Agreement signed today between Frontiers, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the University of Vienna, Austrian researchers affiliated with or funded by these institutions can now publish their articles in Frontiers’ open access journals through a simplified process that covers article processing charges. In addition to a national discount and centralized invoicing process, the signatory institutions benefit from transparent, comprehensive reporting on expenditures and research outputs at an institutional and national level.”

Internet Method, Process and System for Publication and Evaluation – Google Patents

An application (2006-2009) from Frontiers for a US patent on a method of peer review. Excerpt: “A technical method for evaluation, publication and distillation of information, such as scientific articles and other similar work, said method, process and system comprising at least the following technical process steps (1) an interactive online reviewing process of said information before it is published; (2) a publication process of said information if accepted; (3) an evaluation process of said information once published; (4) a distillation process of said published information in a tier filtering system based on said evaluation process….”The invention laid out is a “mutation” that allows the next step in the evolution of an emerging knowledge society where knowledge is sorted for reliability in an objective manner and freely accessible to all….”

Editorial Assistant – Internship

“Frontiers is a community-oriented open-access academic publisher and research network. Our grand vision is to build an Open Science platform that empowers researchers in their daily work and where everybody has equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge….We are seeking enthusiastic recent graduates for the position of Editorial Assistant. This paid, full-time internship position in our Lausanne office will last for six months, and will provide the successful candidate with an excellent opportunity to learn about the rapidly changing environment in scientific publishing from an insider’s perspective, to see all aspects of the peer-review and publishing process, and to be involved in the operations of academic journals….”