LexisNexis Announces Acquisition of Ravel Law

“Finally, Ravel Law’s access to the Harvard case law content and PDF images of original case opinions will enrich the already expansive case law collection available from LexisNexis. LexisNexis is committed to continuing Ravel Law’s open access to this historical collection, giving the American public, and anyone with an internet connection, access to this vital collection of legal information….”

LexisNexis acquires case analytics firm Ravel Law

“LexisNexis Legal & Professional has acquired legal research and litigation analytics firm Ravel Law, and will integrate Ravel’s data visualization and profiling technology into LexisNexis services….In the next few months, the team will complete its project with Harvard University to digitize the school’s case law library, and Lewis notes that LexisNexis will consider ways to support the effort. “We’ll continue to provide public access and expand it with APIs,” Lewis says, referring to the application program interfaces that developers use to distribute information….”

UK Scholarly Communications Licence

“The UK Scholarly Communications Licence is a means by which

the University and its authors can meet funders’ requirements for

open access to their scholarly articles. It is effected through

policy rather than by actions for each article. It is an

implementation of the approach first introduced in the US by

Harvard in 2008….”

Transforming team-learning teaching cases for online platforms: scaling up an e-learning module development project to expand reach across Harvard and to public health professionals in field settings | Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching

“Awardees will extend the transformation of traditional to online cases across Harvard by developing a new e-module for delivering teaching cases on-line to public health professionals in field settings, and convening a cross-Harvard workshop to share best practices.

Building on the work of their 2016 Spark Grant, Dr. Austin and team will extend a prototype for transforming traditional teaching cases into e-learning modules by developing a new e-module designed for continuing professional education online platforms. The team will also convene a cross-Harvard workshop to provide a structured forum to share activities and solutions for taking traditional case-method teaching to online platforms….”

Chinese Text Project

“Welcome to the Chinese Text Project homepage. The Chinese Text Project is an online open-access digital library that makes pre-modern Chinese texts available to readers and researchers all around the world. The site attempts to make use of the digital medium to explore new ways of interacting with these texts that are not possible in print. With over thirty thousand titles and more than five billion characters, the Chinese Text Project is also the largest database of pre-modern Chinese texts in existence….”

Opening Doors with Open Data | UWire

“Stores of data are growing so quickly that we now create as much data in two days as the entirety of mankind did up until 2013. Now that we have the power to collect data, what are we doing with it?”