DORA, Plan S and the (open) future of research evaluation

“Slides from a talk [by Stephen Curry] given to the general assembly of Science Europe in Brussels on 22 Nov 2018. Gives an overview of the problems of over-metricised research evaluation and how this might be tackled, in part through initiatives driven by DORA, and how they are linked with drives such as Plan S to promote open science….”

Publishing infrastructure: the good, the bad, and the expensive

“Shared open infrastructure would transform research communication to make it faster, more open, and more complete. But the publishing industry continues to rely on closed, proprietary legacy platforms that put their data and business at risk. This is resulting in a lack of innovation at a time when we need research to speed up and be more accessible. Investment in open and shared infrastructure would radically improve scientific and scholarly communication….”

Open Access, Social Justice, and the Moral Imperative: Why OA Publishing Matters to WGS

Abstract:  Students in the discipline of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies are uniquely positioned to critically engage with systems of power and apply academic theory to real world practice as a field that has a clear and implicit social justice angle to its scholarship. The Open Access movement can benefit from the critical theories used in WGS as a means of ensuring maximum inclusivity of the movement. Further, WGS students must acknowledge their privileged position within an academic institution and publish in ways that undermine the systems of power that lock up knowledge behind a toll in order to align their practices with the values of the discipline.


Universalisation of Scientifc Dissemination

“This is a presentation given on September 28th by Dr. Eric Archambault, world expert in bibliometrics and founder of 1science, during Scielo 20 Years Conference in São Paulo, Brazil.The panel was entitled ” Open Access – routes towards universalization : gold and hybrid journals, green, and others” His contribution, “Universalization of (OA) scientific dissemination”, demonstrates the limitation of traditional databases in measuring OA and shows how the 1findr product has universal discovery and inclusive measures.”