SOAPBOX – Open Scholarship – Library Guides at Trinity College Dublin

“This project seeks to engage the student community in activities that will maximise the reach of their work and embrace contemporary developments in scholarly communication via the facilitation of a Student Open Access Project, or SOAPBOX for short.  Students participating in this project will receive recognition for their participation on this programme materialising in the award of a ‘Certificate in Scholarly Communication’ from the Office of the Dean of Research.  …”


The availability of open access videos offered by dental schools – Dias da Silva – – European Journal of Dental Education – Wiley Online Library

Abstract. Aim


Evaluate the video content offered by UK and Republic of Ireland (RoI) Dental Schools on their YouTube channels and public websites.


Free videos offered on UK and RoI Dental schools websites and YouTube channels, were watched and set according to its purpose, as educational or non?educational. The number of views, length, category and date of publication were analysed.


A total of 627 videos offered by dental courses were evaluated. Videos were available on 83% of the websites, but only 9% was educational content. Dental courses YouTube channels received more than 2.3 million views, but less than 5% of the material offered is educational. Instructional videos found on the websites (3.2 min) were shorter than those found on YouTube (8.5 min) (p=0.03). The majority of the videos, provided by Universities, were not educational and focused on promoting the dental courses. Most websites have demonstrated a password protected area where quality content may be offered.


Students wishing to watch instructional videos will find limited educational content provided by UK and RoI dental courses. Therefore they are likely to access course related material elsewhere on the Internet that may not be necessarily peer?reviewed.

Science Foundation Ireland’s 2018 Annual Report highlights 43% increase in research funding from industry to €46 million – Irish Tech News

“At the end of 2018, 45% of SFI-funded original and review articles were open access, bringing us closer to our goal of achieving full and immediate open access for all SFI-funded research publications by 2021. This increased access allows the societal and economic benefits of our funded research to go further. As we build on this continued growth and look to 2019 and beyond, Science Foundation Ireland’s new strategy for 2020-2025will aim to empower our research community, focusing on the areas where we can bring the most value.”

Minister Halligan launches framework encouraging open research environment –

“Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research & Development, John Halligan, has launched Ireland’s National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment.

Prepared by the National Open Research Forum (NORF), the framework was a response to developments in open research, both in the EU and internationally.

Open research refers to the movement towards more transparent, collaborative, accessible and efficient research.

The frameworks objective is to enhance the integrity, public trust and excellence in research across all disciplines. Its principles are to support access to research funded by the Irish government, improve the free flow of information across research communities, and boost transparency, accountability and public awareness of the results of publicly funded research. This is aligned with European Commission policy that has devloped in this area. It makes recommendations on a range of topics, including open access to research data, the preservation and reuse of scientific information, skills and competencies and incentives and rewards….”

National Framework on Transition to an Open Research Environment unveiled

“Minister John Halligan has launched Ireland’s National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment….

The National Framework is a key deliverable of the National Open Research Forum (NORF), which was set up in 2017 to bring together key members of the research community to drive Ireland’s open research agenda as set out in Innovation 2020, Ireland’s research and development, science and technology strategy.

Patricia Clarke of the Health Research Board and co-chair of the NORF said: “The National Framework is a clear statement of intent by the Irish research community to take practical steps to embed open research in Ireland….

The framework is aligned with emerging European Union policy and includes principles on: open access to publications; enabling FAIR[1] research data; underpinning infrastructures for access to and preservation of research; development of skills and competencies, and incentives and rewards for open research within research evaluation processes.

The framework will open up access to publicly funded research in Ireland and support research excellence across all disciplines. Open Research will be a requirement of the next EU Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, and Irish researchers and institutions need to be ready….”

We’re Hiring! Education and Outreach Manager | Digital Repository Ireland

The Education and Outreach Manager is an important role at the DRI, having responsibility for the external presentation and communications of DRI, DRI publicity and advocacy, developing the DRI end-user base, and leading the skills and training programme for the benefit of our stakeholders and the wider Irish digital archiving community….”

The Health Research Board is committed to supporting a data sharing environment in Irish research – HRB Open Research BlogHRB Open Research Blog

“HRB Open Research endorses the FAIR Data principles to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. Aileen Sheehy, Data Policy Programme Officer at the Health Research Board, Ireland, tells us more about the Health Research Board‘s (HRB) commitment to openly sharing data, and the initiatives being set up to support this and data reuse. Avril Kennan, from the Medical Research Charities Group, Ireland, shares her views on data and its use in health and social care, given her review of an open letter published on HRB Open Research.…”

YERUN Statement on Open Science | investigación + biblioteca [I+B]

Google English: “The network of young European research universities YERUN (Young European Research Universities Network) has just published YERUN Statement on Open Science

The YERUN network is constituted by the following universities: Bremen, Konstanz and Ulm (Germany); Antwerpen (Belgium); Southern Denmark (Denmark); Autonomous University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Madrid, Carlos III of Madrid and Pompeu Fabra (Spain); Eastern Finland (Finland); Paris Dauphine (France); Dublin City University (Ireland); University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy); Maastricht (The Netherlands); New Lisbon (Portugal); Brunel and Essex (United Kingdom); Linköping (Sweden)….”

HSE interim CIO Jane Carolan: ‘Data is untapped wealth for health’

“In terms of an open data policy, all of our [Ireland’s Health Service Executive] data is published and available, free to everybody. People internationally have said to me “Are you mad? You could sell that.” But why would we sell it when, actually, it belongs to the people of Ireland? And so, we have put it out there and, whether it is the colleges or the start-ups, we ask them, can they do anything with this data that can help us to help healthcare?…”