_Open Access_ in Spanish

I’m very happy to report that my book on Open Access (MIT Press, 2012) has been translated into Spanish <ri.uaemex.mx/handle/123456789/21710> and just released by the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. 

Many thanks to Remedios Melero for the translation, and to Indrajit Banerjee,Dominique Babini, and Eduardo Aguado for their substantial new introduction on OA in Latin America….”

Nurturing Life – The Essence of Chinese Medicine | Indiegogo

“Final Update on my lawsuit over copyrights with Jonathan Schell and The Chinese Medicine Database: “The parties have reached a fair settlement and look forward to putting their legal dispute behind them. They wish to keep these matters private.” If you want to help with my legal expenses, which amounted to $23,756.75, I continue to really appreciate donations, book purchases, and referrals through my website,www.happygoatproductions. The sooner I get my debts paid off, the sooner I can focus on finishing up “Venerating the Roots, Part Two” (second half of Sun Simiao’s pediatrics) and publishing a new edition of my translation of Sun Simiao’s three volumes on gynecology.  So so so happy to close this challenging chapter in my life and move on to a much brighter future!”