Scholarly Communications Librarian I/II Continuing job with Michigan State University | 1951364

“The Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries invites candidates to bring fresh perspectives to our Scholarly Communications Librarian position. The Scholarly Communications Librarian is a faculty position responsible for developing and delivering an active program of education, training, advocacy, support and information sharing regarding a wide range of issues that promote effective sharing and barrier-free access to scholarly resources. Reporting to the Associate Director for Collections, this position will lead the MSU Libraries’ efforts to promote scholarly publication reform and Open Access (OA) activities at MSU. This role includes educating the university community about the various scholarly publishing models and their impact on scholarly inquiry and instruction. This librarian will work to recruit, collect, showcase and preserve the scholarly output of MSU.”

Evaluating an Open Access Publishing Fund at a Comprehensive University

[Abstract] INTRODUCTION As the open access movement has fostered a shift from subscriber-funded journals to author-pays models, scholars seek funding for the dissemination of their research. In response to this need, some libraries have established open access funds at their institutions. This paper presents an evaluation of an open access fund at a comprehensive university. DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM/SERVICE Wanting to learn how faculty have benefitted from an open access publishing fund, Grand Valley State University Libraries surveyed recipients of the fund. The survey asked authors why they chose an open access publishing option and whether the fund influenced this decision. Authors were also asked whether they perceived that selecting an open access option broadened exposure to their work and about their likelihood of choosing open access in the future. NEXT STEPS This article shares the results of this small survey and explores next steps in promoting and evaluating the fund and opportunities for focusing educational efforts across campus.

The Water Next Time: Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken – The Chronicle of Higher Education

“[W]hen…you approach them as a scientist, if you feel like you’re talking to an adult and they give you a rational response and are willing to share data and discuss an issue rationally, [I feel that I can return to my work instead of investigating their credibility]. But when you reach out to them, as I did with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and they do not return your phone calls, they do not share data, they do not respond to FOIA [open-records requests], y’know. … In each case I just started asking questions and turning over rocks, and I resolved to myself, The second something slimy doesn’t come out, I’m gonna [return to my work] . But every single rock you turn over, something slimy comes out….”

Michigan DPLA Service Hub Coordinator

“The Michigan Service Hub exists to aggregate Michigan’s strong, varied digital collections, for contribution to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). This is a newly created position funded for three years with the possibility of extension.  Located at the University of Michigan, this position is open to experienced information professionals and is focused on the creation of the new statewide hub supporting the State of Michigan’s participation in DPLA….Responsibilities: …Serve as the primary provider for the various agreements required for new partners, including getting memorandum of understandings signed, explaining metadata terms of open access, etc….”