“Can’t access science research publications resulting from your tax dollar? Open Science DB is a mission-driven database led by students in life sciences and engineering. We aim to make research, especially federally funded projects, more accessible to the public by ?providing easy-to-understand summaries of peer-reviewed scientific publications….”

An inside guide to eLife digests | eLife

“So, what is the point of eLife digests? Firstly, we see digests as part of a wider effort to make original research as open and accessible as possible. Being an open-access journal means that anyone (with an Internet connection) can freely read articles published in eLife. The digests should mean that the majority of those readers can also learn something about the latest research results reported in the journal, regardless of their background.

Secondly, eLife is a journal with a broad scope and eLife digests are one small way that we can help to foster interdisciplinary research. A plant biologist with decades of experience in research, for example, is unlikely to also be an expert in neuroscience (and vice versa). By explaining the findings of a paper in plain language, we hope that digests will help other scientists to identify new connections between different scientific disciplines….”

Benefits And Features that Exist for Publishers |authorSTREAM

“Benefits and features that exist for publishers


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Views: 0  Category: Entertainment     License:   All Rights Reserved Presentation Description PepperScience is a new startup based on the belief that at present, science becomes more and more about climbing corporate career ladders and less and less about interesting journeys of the mind, so the public’s distrust of scientists and their work seems to grow. This alienation of general public from active participation from research has been source of inspiration to start a alternative platform, through this public can influence researchers to respond to the interests and needs of society. Our startup pepperscience is trying to solve this problem by creating a common platform for research community, fellow researchers and public to share new research advancements in sciences and arts in the form of laysummaries and get their online feedback and appreciation. It is based on core-principles of public participation, open access and meaningful research….”

How fertility patients can make informed decisions on treatment | OUPblog

“This is why lay summaries of new research papers are a necessary development for fertility patients. Patients should be able to have open access not only to the papers themselves but also to a compact précis of what the new research means and why it may be relevant to them. This is hugely empowering to those who may feel they have lost control of what is happening to them as they have progressed through fertility tests and treatments….”


“Simply put, Brevy is a wiki for summaries of academic research. This site lets anyone (with or without an account) freely create and browse these summaries easily without the need of any coding knowledge.

With much of science and other research hidden behind paywalls, the general public often does not have a means of accessing this knowledge. Moreover, as research is often quite verbose and jargon-filled, it’s hard to decypher. Brevy solves this by providing clear and concise summaries when possible….”