PLUTO Decentralized Communication Platform: White Paper

“PLUTO, just as all the academics around the world would do, craves to solve these absurdities, by creating a fair, transparent, reasonable, and efficient communication platform for scholars, decentralized from the present too much power of publishers. Using blockchain technology, PLUTO decentralizes the way academics share, evaluate, and reuse their research outputs. The scope of these outputs is extended beyond the present narrow definition confined to published papers to a broader sense of various information occurring midresearch. The values arising in the cycle of the system, both in financial and reputational terms, are credited rightfully to the ones who contribute to them. The reputational compensations, in the long-term, will work as an alternative metric for academics. By creating a decentralized, transparent, and reasonable system of records for academic activities, PLUTO makes the global scholarly communication efficient than ever. The whole cost savings will be greater than 80 billion USD throughout entire research industry. Besides being efficient, the paradigm of scholarly communication shifts with PLUTO. As all kinds of mid-research outputs are empowered and promoted to be shared, the lifetime value of researches will be fully utilized, making the number of digits for current global R&D industry at more than 2 trillion USD outdated. Along with the practice of validating researches, the alternative, objective performance indicator for researches, and a new system for allocating resources, there will be extraordinary advances in current challenges like incurable diseases or sustainable energy. Ultimately, the decentralized academia initiated by PLUTO will advance the way the knowledge of humanity itself advances. …”

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“”Scholarly Communication is a circulating system where academic contents are created, evaluated, shared, and reused. PLUTO makes a decentralized platform by putting this process onto blockchains….Through PLUTO, research achievements are totally owned and managed by original authors, not publishers….Researchers independently creates, evaluates, and disseminates the contents, without third party involvement….PLUTO eliminates possibility of any fabrication, manipulation, or fraud in scholarly communications….”


“Until now, no appropriate technical solution for long­term digital archiving, open access and open evaluation of scholarly content could emerge outside of a niche. This paper presents and describes the concept of a decentralized online platform called PEvO . Pevo gives the possibility for an interactive, 1 free and unrestricted archive of human knowledge which is accessible worldwide and digitally preserved. The novelties of this approach are based on the use of blockchain technology, namely the Steem blockchain.”