Jobs | Dryad news and views

“Dryad is seeking a dynamic new Executive Director to lead the continuing development and full operation of the organization during this time of ambitious growth and transformation. The ideal candidate will have proven experience working within the open data and open science communities and will skillfully leverage their knowledge to enable Dryad to expand partnerships with journals, scientific societies, research institutions, libraries, and funding organizations….”

New Dryad is Here | Dryad news and views

“Dryad’s newest features are centered around making data publishing as easy as possible for researchers:

In addition to supporting datasets as part of a journal submission, Dryad now also supports datasets being submitted independently
Data can be uploaded from cloud storage or lab servers 
Datasets can be as large as 300GB
Datasets can easily be updated or versioned at any time in our process
Standardized data usage and citation statistics are updated and displayed for each published dataset 
Data can be submitted and downloaded through our new REST APIs…”

Funded Partnership Brings Dryad and Zenodo Closer | Dryad news and views

“With increasing mandates and initiatives around open data and software, researchers commonly have to make a choice about where to deposit their non-article outputs. Unfortunately, systems that are built to accommodate these objects work separately and can make the process more difficult. As a result, data, code, figures, and other outputs go to a variety of disconnected places, or improper homes (i.e. code with the wrong license or data not curated). To tackle this issue, and make open research best practices more seamless for researchers, we are thrilled to announce a partnership between Dryad and Zenodo….

To jumpstart this collaboration, we are proud to have been awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant that will enable us to co-develop new solutions focused on supporting researcher and publisher workflows as well as best practices in data and software curation. By focusing on integrations between our systems, leveraging data and software expertise, we can both extend the reach of our services and open up more opportunities for broader research communities.  We are looking forward to re-imagining the submission process for researchers and how we can better support our journal publishing and institutional communities along the way….”

Advancing data publishing: California Digital Library & Dryad announce partnership | EurekAlert! Science News

“University of California’s California Digital Library (CDL) and Dryad Digital Repository are formally partnering to address researcher needs and lead an open, community-supported initiative in research data curation and publishing. …”

GitHub and more: sharing data & code | Innovations in Scholarly Communication

“Among those researchers that do archive and share data, GitHub is indeed the most often used, but just as many people indicate using ‘others’ (i.e. tools not mentioned as one of the preselected options). Figshare comes in third, followed by Bitbucket, Dryad, Dataverse, Zenodo and Pangaea (Figure 3)….Another surprising finding is the overall low use of Zenodo – a CERN-hosted repository that is the recommended archiving and sharing solution for data from EU-projects and -institutions. The fact that Zenodo is a data-sharing platform that is available to anyone (thus not just for EU project data) might not be widely known yet….”