US: Archivists’ Victory over Overbroad Copyright Claim | Human Rights Watch

“A decision by GitHub, a leading software development platform, to reinstate a popular free software tool for downloading videos, means that human rights groups will be able to continue to use the software without interruption to preserve documentation of human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch, Mnemonic, and WITNESS said today. GitHub had removed the code for the software, youtube-dl, from its platform in response to a request by the Recording Industry Association of America Inc (RIAA)….”

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship is a documentary which focuses on the need for open access to research and science. The film questions the rationale behind the $25.2 billion a year that flows into for-profit academic publishers, examines the 35-40% profit margin associated with the top academic publisher, Elsevier, and looks at how that profit margin is often greater than some of the most profitable tech companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google. 

Prof. Lawrence Lessig – JurOA 2021 Interview – YouTube

“Interview mit Prof. Lawrence Lessig zum Thema “Open Access für die Rechtswissenschaft”….

“The most important thing that can happen is that young people begin to rally together to say to their professors: What the hell are you doing? Why would you support a system that assures the developing world does not have access to information? Why don’t you make a commitment to publishing your work in a way that guarantees access by everybody? And if you don’t believe there should be access by everybody, then defend that principle. We shouldn’t allow the laziness of the ways things have been to block this fundamental opportunity we have right now to build an infrastructure of open access that guarantees that information and science and knowledge can be spread broadly and cheaply.”

Investments in Open Services via SCOSS The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services – YouTube

“This webinar, hosted by CARL, CRKN, and ARL on Nov. 5, 2020, presents an overview of the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS)’s progress thus far, celebrates its successes, highlights some challenges faced, and looks at Canada and the United States’ role in the exciting yet difficult endeavour of supporting and strengthening the diverse and uneven global open scholarship infrastructure.”

Library Leaders Forum Explores Impact of Controlled Digital Lending – Internet Archive Blogs

“The third and final session of the 2020 Library Leaders Forum wrapped up Tuesday with a focus on the impact of Controlled Digital Lending on communities to provide broader access to knowledge. A full recording of the session is now available online.

Michelle Wu was honored with the Internet Archive Hero Award for her vision in developing the legal concept behind CDL. In her remarks, the attorney and law librarian shared her thoughts on the development and future of the lending practice. Wu does not see the theory that she designed 20 years ago as revolutionary, but rather a logical application of copyright law that allows libraries to fulfill their mission….”

Perspectives on Openness: Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing – YouTube

“October 19-26, 2020 is Open Access Week and this year’s theme is Open With Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion. In an era of open scholarship and research, how do we as a research community navigate and balance openness while respecting Indigenous knowledge and cultural expression? Hosted by the York University Libraries, and moderated by Stacy Allison-Cassin, Associate Librarian, this panel event offers an opportunity to encourage broader participation in conversations and actions around emerging scholarly communication issues and will center Indigenous approaches to open scholarship and research.

Join us with Alan Ojiig Corbiere, Assistant Professor (Department of History), Deborah McGregor, Associate Professor (Osgoode Hall Law School and Faculty of Environmental Studies), and Sean Hillier, Assistant Professor (School of Health Policy & Management) as they lead a discussion on the themes of openness, open scholarship, and Indigenous knowledge….”