MyScienceWork, a scientific platform in open access – Paris Innovation Review

“The MyScienceWork scientific platform was launched in 2012 by Virginie Simon and Tristan Davaille with the aim of making scientific knowledge accessible to the largest possible public. A part of the open access movement, it now provides access to 70 million multidisciplinary scientific articles and 12 million patents. The main activity of this start-up, which has offices in Paris, Luxembourg and San Francisco, consists of the analysis of scientific data, which it undertakes both for educational and research institutions and for businesses….”

Open up access to advance healthcare – Yiba | Be informed. Be more. Because you can.

“Within a context categorised by an already small emergency medicine research output, one in six African emergency care publications is inaccessible to African researchers. This was the finding of a paper published by Associate (now visiting) Professor Stevan Bruijns together with two undergraduate health science students, Mmapheladi Mosly Maesela and Suniti Sinha. The research was conducted during Bruijns’s special study module with the second-year students. The team set out to determine the level of access that African emergency medicine researchers had to each other’s work. In an examination of 666 publications from 49 journals (59.3% of which were open access), they found that 105 of the publications (15.8%) were cost-prohibitive….”

Shire Continues to Uphold High Standards of Ethics and Transparency with Adoption of Open Access Policy for Publication of Shire-Supported Research

“Shire plc (LSE: SHP, NASDAQ: SHPG), the global leader in rare diseases, has implemented a new publication policy requiring the submission of all Shire-supported research manuscripts to journals that offer public availability via open access, allowing the public to obtain free, unrestricted online access to Shire’s research promptly following publication. Shire’s open access policy, which went into effect on January 2, 2018, was announced today at the 2018 European Meeting of International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) taking place in London, UK, January 23-24….”

Shire adopts open-access policy for publication of future research

“Shire has announced the introduction of a new open-access publication policy that will apply to all future Shire-supported research. In future, all manuscripts pertaining to Shire-affiliated research will be submitted to journals that offer public availability via open access, meaning the public will be able to obtain free, unrestricted and prompt online access to Shire’s research….”

Tear Down That Paywall: The Movement to Make Ocean Research Free — Oceans Deeply

“As scientists race to save coral reefs and tackle other crucial marine issues, access to expensive scientific journals has become a roadblock to sharing knowledge, especially for researchers in developing countries….

…Open Communications for The Ocean (OCTO), a Woodinville, Washington-based nonprofit that recently launched a marine science research “repository” called MarXiv. Its goal is to systematically make more marine research freely accessible….”

Scripps Translational Science Institute, Nature Research launch open-access digital medicine journal

“The emerging field of digital medicine has the potential to transform healthcare on a global scale. Pioneering studies are being conducted to generate the clinical evidence necessary to drive widespread adoption of digital health solutions, both within a clinical setting and by consumers.

To support the dissemination of these studies, researchers from the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have launched an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal—npj Digital Medicine. The new publication is a collaboration between STSI and Nature Research, a portfolio of high-quality journals and services and part of Springer Nature, a leading global research, educational and professional publisher….”

GWF Open Science Meeting – Global Water Futures – University of Saskatchewan

“This will be the first annual general meeting of the Global Water Futures program. Plenaries, project reporting, posters, student events, breakout sessions, and other important GWF initiatives will take place during this time. Please stay tuned for more information and call for submissions deadlines.  Event Details When: June 04, 2018 – June 06, 2018 Time: 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM Location: McMaster University, Hamilton, ON”

Open Science, Open Data, Open Source: 21st century research skills for the life sciences by Pedro L. Fernandes and Rutger A. Vos | 2017 · GitBook

“Who is this for? The goal of these resources is to give a bird’s eye view of the developments in open scientific research. That is, we cover both social developments (e.g. the culture in various communities) as well as technological ones. As such, no part of the contents are especially in-depth or geared towards advanced users of specific practices or tools. Nevertheless, certain sections are more relevant to some people than to others. Specifically: The most interesting sections for Graduate students will be about navigating the literature, managing evolving projects, and publishing and reviewing. Lab technicians may derive the most benefit from the sections about capturing data, working with reproducibility in mind and sharing data. For data scientists, the sections on organizing computational projects as workflows, managing versions of data and source code, open source software development, and data representation will be most relevant. Principal investigators may be most interested in the sections on data management, data sharing, and coping with evolving projects. Scientific publishers may be interested to know how scientists navigate the literature, what the expectations are for enhanced publications, and the needs for data publishing. Science funders and policy makers may easily find value in the capturing data, data management, data sharing and navigating the literature. Science communicators may be more interested in exploring the content by starting with navigating the literature, working with reproducibility in mind and sharing data….”

Institute of Public Health in Ireland Open Access Statement, October 2013

“This document states the Institute of Public Health in Ireland’s (IPH) commitment to an Open Access policy and outlines how it implements that policy….How the IPH will implement its Open Access policy: IPH was an original signatory to the Republic of Ireland’s National Principles for Open Access Policy Statement….IPH will continue to develop and manage a health information website called The Health Well which brings together and provides free access to a wide range of other health-related information held by our partner organisations….”


Knowledge Unlatched to open up its central platform for the funding of Open Access models – Knowledge Unlatched

“Berlin, 5th October 2017 Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is pleased to announce its transformation into a central Open Access (OA) platform. Through this platform, KU will support publishers and OA initiatives by managing the funding processes for their OA models. It will also provide libraries and funders all over the world with one central place where they can support OA programmes. Knowledge Unlatched’s core product, KU Select, will remain an important part of the platform, and will be including STEM alongside HSS titles in 2018.”