Publisciences – Sciences publishing by Researchers

“Scientific publication is an essential tool for the dis- semination and transfer of knowledge. Free access to publications and “bibliodiversity” are fundamen- tal both to researchers, who wish to broadcast their work and thus secure funding for it, and for the sci- entific community, which is fuelled by the progress of each of its members. Researchers ensure that scien- tific discoveries can be replicated. Today, publishers, via their editorial choices, influence the direction of research, whereas this should be the prerogative of researchers. As evidenced in the “Appel de Jussieu”(1), research- ers are in favour of an Open Access model, yet the community is faced with one pressing problem: “Who will foot the bill?”. Within the current Open Access model, publishing is expensive for authors/ researchers (from €1000 to €5000 for one article), despite low added value provided by publishers in terms of editing, but also reviewing. Peer review and validation are performed by other researchers for free. There is a real need to create a more af- fordable, more diverse, and fairer Open Access solu- tion. Researchers’ work, especially as authors and reviewers, is financed by public funds with no com- pensation provided by private publishers. An innovative cooperative We propose a scientific publication platform led by the research community itself. For the collective in- terest to prevail, we want to set up the first coop- erative platform dedicated to scientific publication. In France there is a type of business entity that suits this purpose perfectly: the SCIC. Short for Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (public interest cooperative company), this type of entity lets each par- ticipant weigh in as a stakeholder: researchers (authors and reviewers), publishers, public institutions and investors….”