University Libraries’ labor unions digitized collections project completed | Penn State University

“Following three years of digitization and preparation, Penn State University Libraries has made available a vast collection of archival materials documenting the 20th-century American working-class experience, including the largest and most significant record series within the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) archives….”

Penn State joins coalition that provides open access to coronavirus research | University Park Campus | Penn State | Daily Collegian |

“Penn State has joined a coalition of research organizations that will provide open access to research findings of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, according to a press release.

The university signed a January statement from the Wellcome Trust, which supports the global response in relation to the virus….”

Open, affordable textbook efforts save students $4.8 million in potential costs | Penn State University

“Strategic efforts by Penn State University Libraries faculty and staff over the past three years to lower or eliminate the cost of textbooks and other course materials has paid off — nearly 20 times over — in potential savings for Penn State students….

Funded primarily by Provost Nick Jones with support from Penn State World Campus, University Libraries, Teaching and Learning with Technology, and Barnes & Noble, the initial investment of approximately $245,000 has saved students $4.8 million in potential expenses on textbooks and other course materials. The success from these initiatives has enabled an ambitious three-year plan to be extended to invest an additional $600,000….”

Work | Open-Access Monograph Publishing and the Origins of the ODSP.doc | Work ID: x346dv41v | ScholarSphere

Abstract:  This essay explains the background of open-access monograph publishing as developed principally by university presses, often in association with libraries. It begins with discussions at Princeton University Press in the early 1970s about how to deal with the crisis of scholarly monograph publishing and moves on to describe a joint library/press project in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) in the early 1990s. The failure of that project to be funded led the library and press at Penn State to launch a jointly operated Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing in 2005, which supported one of the pioneering programs in open-access monograph publishing. The CIC project, in particular, anticipated the AAU/ARL proposal announced in June 2014 to subvent the publication of first monographs using an open-access model.