57: Radical Transparency (with Rebecca Willén) by Everything Hertz Podcast

“Dan and James are joined by Rebecca Willén (Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education) to discuss transparency in scientific research and how she started her own independent research institute in Bali.

Here’s what they cover:

– Rebecca explains the story behind her practice of sharing disclosure statements for her published work
– Many people are changing their research practices for the better for current research – but what about their *past* research?
– The 21 word solution
– Using disclosure statements in your pHD
– The state of research openness in forensic psychology
– The flexibility in determining a primary outcome
– How and why Rebecca founded the IGDORE research institute 
– The drawbacks to starting your own research institute 
– Rebecca’s recommendation for getting started with open science
– The story behind the RONIN institute…”