Leaked Impact Assessment on the copyright reform recommends an ancillary copyright on steroids! | IGEL –

“Yesterday, Statewatch leaked a draft version of the Impact Assessment (IA) report for the upcoming copyright reform. Concerning the area of publisher’s rights it leaves a devastating impression. The authors of the IA suggest introducing a new ancillary/neighbouring right for news publishers with a broad scope. And they make it sound like this would be an obvious and particularly good choice….

Informed readers will notice very quickly that the IA sounds in most parts like it was copied from lobbying papers of the publisher’s associations. The broad and highly elaborated expert’s criticism in the German and Spanish debate is totally ignored. Same is obviously true for potentially thousands of critical statements that were filed at the Commission’s own “public consultation”. …

That the new right “would not change the legal status of hyperlinks in EU law” (see p. 147) is nothing but a lip service. Even if turned out that setting a mere hyperlink without description is not covered, any kind of described link (i.e. useful link) that includes a small excerpt of the linked source would be made subject to a license. This would mean the end of the Internet, as we know it….”


Dataverse 4.5 is here! | The Dataverse Project – Dataverse.org

“Harvesting allows the dataset metadata from another site to be imported so that these files appear to be local, though data files remain on the remote site. This allows Dataverse installations and other repositories to share metadata with each other to create a data sharing community and to provide more access to the datasets stored in each repository. Harvesting is implemented using the standard OAI-PMH protocol – any Dataverse installation can be configured as an OAI client and server….”

Latest Article Alert from Malaria Journal

The following new articles have just been published in Malaria Journal

Low prevalence of dihydro folate reductase (dhfr) and dihydropteroate synthase (dhps) quadruple and quintuple mutant alleles associated with SP resistance in Plasmodium vivax isolates of West Bengal, India
Das S, Banik A, Hati A, Roy S
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:395 (2 August 2016)

Want to improve access to research on glyphosate? Try harder than the Glyphosate Task Force.

“To improve access to research on glyphosate, the Glyphosate Task Force (GTF) gathered print copies of 71 research reports. Each report is owned by a member of the GTF and could presumably have been digitized, if not made #openaccess. The GTF put the print copies in a room in Brussels, requires registration to use the room, and plans to close the room at the end of October….”

The Costs of Flipping our Dollars to Gold | The Scholarly Kitchen

“I spoke with the UC study’s co-principal investigators, MacKenzie Smith and Ivy Anderson, about the findings of their study and how these fit into wider prospects and challenges for accelerated moves towards OA.”

Technicians, Farmers Fight for ‘Right to Repair’

“A group of independent repair shops, mechanics and do-it-yourselfers who fix and resell used electronics, appliances, medical and farming equipment want to change that. They want to do so by requiring manufacturers to open access to the manuals, parts, tools, diagnostic equipment and permanent software that is almost exclusively available to their own employees and authorized dealers. The Repair Association has lobbied for “right to repair” bills in five states — Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York and South Dakota. None have passed.The bills are modeled on a 2013 Massachusetts law that requires automakers to give the same information and parts to independent auto repair shops as to their licensed dealers. In 2014, automakers agreed to apply the law’s provisions across the country….”