Senator questions PACER practices

Heather West, Senator Wants to Scratch a Seven Year Itch, PolicyBeta, February 27, 2009.

Senator [Joe] Lieberman has written a letter to the Judicial Conference asking why the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) online system is still charging a â??per pageâ? fee, when the goal of putting these records online in the first place was to make them â??freely available to the greatest extent possible.â? That was seven years ago.

PACER doesnâ??t seem to have made any progress since then. Apparently the public (still) agreesâ??PACER is one of the top vote getters at our Show Us the Data project. In addition, the barrier to accessing court records has inspired citizens to try to free the information in PACER.

PACER was instructed to charge access fees â??only to the extent necessary,â? …

According to Stephen Schultze and Shubham Mukherjee PACER fees amount to almost double the cost of actually running the system, if not more. …

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