Three winners in Elsevier’s Article 2.0 contest

Elsevier has announced the three prize winners in its Article 2.0 contest.  From the announcement:

…The panel of seven distinguished judges, drawn from academia, publishing, policymaking and media, considered how each application improved on the existing online presentation of research articles. Special attention was paid to contestants’ ability to ‘think outside of the box’ as well as ease of use and the overall quality of the application.

The $4,000 first prize was awarded to Inigo Surguy whose idea demonstrated how Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0/Semantic Web approaches can be combined to add value to article content. His application enhances content navigation, facilitating commentary on specific paragraphs, and assertions about the article and its contents.

The $2,000 second prize was awarded to Jacek R. Ambroziak. His mobile application enables reading Elsevier articles on an Android Smartphone. Stuart Chalk, the $1000 third prize winner, submitted an idea operating on the premise that research articles are inherently non-linear and that researchers view articles in a random fashion, depending on their interests….

PS:  There isn’t a strong OA connection.  But we blogged the contest at earlier stages (1, 2), and I wanted to blog the results as well.  Congratulations to Surguy, Ambroziak, and Chalk.