OATP via Twitter

The Twitter account for the OA tracking project (OATP) is now working.

I tried to launch it on August 9, using RSStoTwitter, but never got it to work.  At first I thought the reason was that DDoS attacks had forced Twitter to close parts of its API.  While that may have been the initial cause, RSStoTwitter has since shut down.

The new, successful Twitter version of the OATP feed uses TwitterFeed instead.  (Thanks to Charles Bailey for the suggestion.)

Apologies.  When I was trying to diagnose the problem with the first Twitter version of the OATP feed, I created a second, personal Twitter account, and used it to play with several RSS-to-Twitter options.  When I finally got one to work, I forgot to kill it for 12 hours or so, leading a surprising number of people to think they could monitor the OATP feed by following my personal Twitter account.  But I’ve killed it now.  If you want to use Twitter to track the OATP feed, follow the OATP Twitter account.  If you’re still following my personal Twitter account, don’t expect many tweets.