New book on A2K

Hala Essalmawi, ed., The Access to Knowledge Movement: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, November 2009. Contents:

  • Hala Essalmawi, Introduction
  • James Love, Demand, Take and Supply: The Ecology of Access
  • Barbara Stratton, A2K Quinquennium – Now we are five – The Library perspective
  • William New, Access To Influence In WIPO‘s Development Agenda
  • Manon Ress, Limitations and Exceptions for Reading Disabled Persons: A New Paradigm at the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights
  • Mohammed El Said, Access to Knowledge, Education, and Intellectual Property Protection in the Arab World – The Challenges of Development
  • Denise Rosemary Nicholson, Addressing Access To Knowledge Issues In Africa
  • Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald and Kylie Pappalardo, The A2K Movement in Australia (2006 – 2009)