Raincoat Science: 43 More Open Access Haikus

I’ve often reflected that OA is closer to raincoat science than rocket science. The essential message is super-simple:

It’s the online age
You’re losing research impact…
Make it free online

About as deep and complex as the following — and yet, for two decades, the response has been Zeno’s Paralysis:

Look kids, it’s raining
Time to put on your raincoats…

Can’t: against the law
Won’t: no clouds I saw
Can’t: branding’s at risk
Won’t: I must keep wet
Can’t: which coat to choose?
Won’t: my pay I’ll lose
Can’t: coats may go bad
Won’t: drought risk increased
Can’t: too much to do
Won’t: rain’s good for you
Can’t: can’t read instrux 
Won’t: need cheaper meds
Can’t: standards at risk
Won’t: risks towel biz
Can’t: weathermen’s needs
Won’t: there’s too much rain
Can’t: the look’s not right
Won’t: let’s wait sky-shield
Can’t: trees need their jobs
Won’t: might miss good drops
Can’t: they have no tags 
Won’t: need weathercasts 
Can’t: careers at risk
Won’t: steals druggists’ biz
Can’t: could dehydrate
Won’t: lest I’m not first
Can’t: which safe to wear?
Won’t: wait for clime change
Can’t: raincoats decay 
Won’t: cuts medics’ pay
Can’t: bankrupts brollies
Won’t: parents’ excess
Can’t: global drying
Won’t: disrupts climate
Can’t: quality risk
Won’t: false weathercasts
Can’t: risks coat recall
Won’t: not wet at all
Can’t: can’t fasten snaps
Won’t: dries others up
Can’t: god meant us wet
Won’t: dry’s not enough