Radical Collaboration: Library Publisher Partnerships to Advance the Global Knowledge Commons | CRL

“The present and future of research libraries and scholarly publishers are inextricably aligned. Both exist to advance the creation, dissemination, and preservation of a diverse scholarly record; and both are facing existential challenges, particularly in finding sustainable business models to advance open scholarship.  

Join us on May 25th, 2021 from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Central to explore the shared aims and challenges of research libraries and scholarly publishers and discover how partnerships across professional and disciplinary boundaries are working to find sustainable models to support an open knowledge ecosystem. After an introduction by CRL President Greg Eow, this webinar will look at two innovative library-publisher collaborations, assessing the challenges and opportunities in this space, and ideating future directions….”

Introducing Jisc’s new university press toolkit | Jisc

“The 2017 landscape study of New University Presses (NUPs) and academic-led publishing, Changing publishing ecologies (pdf), found that a growing number of universities and academics have set up their own mission-based presses in an attempt establish autonomy from the large legacy publishing houses.

One of the recommendations of that report was to create a best practice toolkit to assist with the planning and establishment of new university and library-led presses publishing open access material.

In March 2021, Jisc launched a toolkit that will support new and existing university and library open access publishing ventures. The toolkit was developed with the input from an international editorial advisory board consisting of university presses from Liverpool, Stockholm, Westminster, White Rose and University College London and other experts in the field.

This webinar will discuss the aims and objectives of the toolkit, including a short walkthrough. This will be followed by a panel session featuring members of the editorial advisory board and a Q&A session….”

ACRL STS SCC: Scholarly Publishing: Journals, Journals Everywhere, But We Should Stop and Think

“The landscape of scientific publishing has been shifting for a while but the remote research situations forced by COVID-19 brought many inadequacies of the current system into the limelight. Data management challenges, open access availability, wariness of predatory publishers, and an overwhelming abundance of information avenues make publishing research more difficult than ever before. Join your colleagues across five geographically separate institutions to role play case studies in small group discussions to examine our choices as content creators and the value we assign to journals according to their various attributes and our own career situations….”

SIOP/CARMA Open Science Virtual Summer Series – Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA)

“The overall focus of the workshop series is to introduce and teach attendees about open science practices that are widely believed to help researchers produce studies that are better planned and understood by all collaborators involved; more transparent and reproducible; and more accessible, useful, and impactful to the research and practice communities interested in the research. The virtual workshops will be hosted via CARMA’s resources (i.e., Zoom), and attendees can choose to attend any or all virtual workshops.

By attending the summer series, you will learn critical principles and how-tos of open science practices that can be introduced into your research pipeline as well as learn about the perspectives of journal editors and associate editors hoping to encourage open science practices and enhance the robustness of our work (e.g., Lillian Eby of the Journal of Applied Psychology, Steven Rogelberg of the Journal of Business and Psychology)….”

Open Science: Are we walking the talk? • Berlin University Alliance

From Google’s English:  “Lecture series: Open science and research quality in theory and practice

Jointly organized course of the science studies department of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Objective 3 in the summer semester 2021

Open Science: Are we walking the talk? (Lecture in English) Together with the Open Access Office Berlin, Robert-Jan Smits (Eindhoven University of Technology), discussant: Maxi Kindling (Open Access Office Berlin), students

Participation in the event is possible via the following zoom link:  https://hu-berlin.zoom.us/j/62588510247?pwd=c0Z1YklHZ29FNHVWenlacGt1RGE0QT09 …”


“Scholarly publishing is highly diverse and constantly changing. Over the previous decades it has responded to a number of large challenges on the global and local levels. In this session we aim to take a snapshot of the current status of the industry with a global perspective and explore emerging models of open publishing. Which open access strategies can work together, and which lead to conflict? How do we value the diversity of models, and where do we need clear and more uniform strategies? What challenges do scholar-led, community-owned publishing initiatives face? What impact can we expect from transformative agreements and other big deals in the different regions of the world? Are the Plan S principles applicable worldwide, are they necessary or sufficient? How sustainable are existing open access strategies and business models? ”

Virtual Training – Strategy and Pricing for Open Access Journals

“Are you involved in developing or executing OA publishing strategy? Do you have responsibility for implementing an OA programme? Do you need to inform your strategic planning of OA with a practical perspective?

This course will equip participants with the tools and insights to inform their OA strategic thinking and decision making. It will take people through the complexities and challenges of OA, highlighting the ways in which OA publishing is deeply different to subscription publishing (and some ways that it is the same!).

The course, aimed at senior managers, is an intensive half-day looking at the strategic aspects of overseeing and developing OA journals. There will be group discussion, case studies and scenarios to prepare delegates for meeting the challenges of planning and running OA journals. We will explore the issues encountered in setting strategy, budgets and pricing; the policy and competitive landscape; and sales and marketing….”

Enabling research with Open Software and Data Tickets, Tue 11 May 2021 at 11:00 | Eventbrite

“On the 10 – 14 May 2021, during Open Scholarship Week (OSW2021) staff, students, members of the public and a variety of other stakeholders will come together to talk about changing the ways scholarly information is openly communicated, shared and used. OSW2021 will offer a diverse range of talks and workshops representing many different perspectives and disciplines on Open practices in research and education….”

Direct to Open Webinar Registration

“Join us on May 11, 2021 at 12:00-1:00 PM (US Eastern Time) for a webinar update on Direct to Open (D2O), The MIT Press’s new, collective action open access business model for scholarly books. Tune in for:

An explanation of the model and a review of the parameters
An update on progress to targets, trends, and commitments to date
A Q&A with our team…”