Personal Genome Project: Harvard Medical School

“The Personal Genome Project was founded in 2005 and is dedicated to creating public genome, health, and trait data. Sharing data is critical to scientific progress, but has been hampered by traditional research practices—our approach is to invite willing participants to publicly share their personal data for the greater good.”

» What Happens When Laws Become Open Data?

“Since President Obama’s first day in office, open data has been a major priority for the administration, and the United States has established itself as a world leader in open data. But until recently, legislative data—information about legislative activities, including bills and their status, lawmaker votes, committee meetings, public communications by members of Congress, lobbying information, and the products of legislative support agencies such as the Congressional Research Service—was rarely published as open data. This is changing. In late 2015, a bill was introduced to Congress to transform the Statutes at Large, the catalog of all laws enacted during a session of Congress, into freely accessible and machine readable open data. In February 2016, the Government Publishing Office began publishing bill status information in machine readable formats and making it available for bulk download. And in March 2016, the House and Senate introduced bills that would make Congressional Research Service reports publicly available. Like other types of open data, legislative data can serve as a platform for new products and services that enhance transparency, promote civic engagement, and fuel new business models. But open legislative data specifically offers unprecedented insight into the legislative process, making it easier than ever for the public to analyze legislative activities, monitor influence, and hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. Join the Center for Data Innovation for a panel discussion exploring the impact of open legislative data on the public and private sectors and identifying opportunities for both federal and state governments to better provide this data to unlock social and economic benefits.”

Latest Article Alert from Environmental Health

The following new article has just been published in Environmental Health

Associations of air pollution exposure with blood pressure and heart rate variability are modified by oxidative stress genes: A repeated-measures panel among elderly urban residents
Kim K, Kim J, Jung K, Hong Y
Environmental Health 2016, 15:47 (25 March 2016)
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Research article
Opportunity costs and local health service spending decisions: a qualitative study from Wales
Karlsberg Schaffer S, Sussex J, Hughes D, Devlin N
BMC Health Services Research 2016, 16:103 (25 March 2016)

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Research article
The diagnostic accuracy of serological tests for Lyme borreliosis in Europe: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Leeflang M, Ang C, Berkhout J, Bijlmer H, Van Bortel W, Brandenburg A, Van Burgel N, Van Dam A, Dessau R, Fingerle V, Hovius J, Jaulhac B, Meijer B, Van Pelt W,

Associate Publisher, Open Access : New York, NY, United States

“The main purposes of the Associate Publisher role is to: Assist with the development and execution of a strategic plan for the Biological Sciences portfolio Assist with journal and team budgeting (including but not limited to honoraria, travel, and staffing) Assist with the development and execution of a strategic plan for growth of BioMed Central in key markets….”

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Genomic signatures of population decline in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae
O’Loughlin S, Magesa S, Mbogo C, Mosha F, Midega J, Burt A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:182 (24 March 2016)
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TIME Impact – a new user-friendly tuberculosis (TB) model to inform TB policy decisions
Houben R, Lalli M, Sumner T, Hamilton M, Pedrazzoli D, Bonsu F, Hippner P, Pillay Y, Kimerling M, Ahmedov S, Pretorius C, White R
BMC Medicine 2016, 14:56 (24 March 2016)