White paper on scientific publishing

A White Paper on Scientific Publishing has been written by Hans E. Roosendaal, Knut Barghorn and Eberhard R. Hilf of the consulting group ScinE.

As long as science exists, scientists call for universal access to scientific information. To improve universal access, the process of scientific publishing changes continuously to adjust to new possibilities provided by e.g. present day technologies.

Business models should serve this desire for universal access; they have to address the availability of the information as well as the ability of the user to select the desired information. Scientific information is therefore important as it provides the gateway to scientific scrutiny. This makes it mandatory to integrate scientific information into the research process.

As the goal of publishing is making the scientific results available for scientific scrutiny peer review is the core value proposition in any business model. It is seen that availability and power of selection represent different types of added value. Availability, coupled with peer review, is a basic need directly coupled to the notion that scientific information is common property. Power of selection is a proprietary added value that needs to be tailored to the desires of the reader. From this perspective it is desirable to separate the costs and pricing for availability from the costs and pricing for selection, allowing for separation and individualisation of pricing for each service and allowing in this way for a suite of adaptable value-added services, tailored towards the interests of individual stakeholders.

This white paper discusses these main strategic perspectives for business models fit for scientific publication in the digital age.

link to the White Paper on Scientific Publishing: http://www.scine-all.de/materials/whitepaper.pdf